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Our Products

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    By using our unique mapping and wayfinding platform, Connect IB in collaboration with GSK has delivered a smartphone smartworking app to enable GSK staff & visitors to locate global offices and campus sites, wayfind indoor and across large sites, locate hot desks, meeting rooms, amenities & utilise a unique find my nearest (FMN) feature. 

    Already deployed across many locations globally, Connect IB are working with GSK to extend the reach of the app and launch new features such as meeting room management and colleague locators, using location based services (LBS) technology. The platform integrates with internal CAD systems, assets and facilities management to ensure maps are auto updated, amenities and changeable assets are easily managed & updated for users. Including location specific content, weather and traffic feeds, our app has now become a powerful component in the GSK smart workforce strategy.

    Already an award winning application in 2014 for Best Use of Mobile Innovation, our smartworking product has a bright future.

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    Our wayfinding solutions allow you to guide your customers effortlessly and effectively around your Shopping centre, Airport, Corporate Buildings or Sports Stadia using our indoor Wayfinding and Location Based Services (LBS) technology. We focus on reducing complexity and making life easier. Through our map software and user experience interface design we can create a positive brand experience for your customer which will increase the likelihood of a return visit. 2D, 3D or even holograms can help your customers & staff navigate to destinations, points of interests, friends & colleagues.

    Available across all channels

    • Mobile & Tablet

    • Responsive Web

    • Interactive Touchscreens

    • Digital Signage

    • Print

  • Content Management

    Content Management Connect CMS

    We believe that the most successful content management strategy is often the most simple. Our platform, Connect CMS allows users to manage digital content & publish to multiple channels from mobile & web through to interactive applications.

    As a software and solutions company, it is important we recognise our applications will sometimes be part of our clients solutions. Connect API allows us to easily integrate or share data with our clients and partner solutions. 

    Connect is a cloud based platform, with modules including a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Analytic's dashboard, get in touch for a demo.

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    Customer Relationship Management Connect CRM

    Our CRM is part of the cloud based Connect Platform. 

    Connect CRM will enable you to manage & analyse your data, enabling you to make critical business decisions or communicate with your target audience.

    Using smart profiling you will be able to authenticate users, manage their experience and be able to send targeted communications via email, push and sms or share content based on location, time and proximity. 


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    Retailer Communication Platform

    The ability to connect and share information will help your business work smarter, faster and more efficiently. Our extranet product allows users to create, share files, documents and company news in one place that is accessible from anywhere. Our extranet product allows you to easily and simply create a multi-level, multi-site and multi-user system that will increase productivity across your business.

    Key features include the ability to create new forms for operational processes, internal message and alerts feature and for Retailers a SALES FIGURE collection function, where retailers report weekly, monthly or quarterly sales that are aggregated and reported to the management company for analysis and MI. 

    Accessible via tablet & smartphone, our extranet product is delivering tangible business benefits to Westfield today.

We create & develop complete digital solutions

Do you have a business need that can't be solved with an off-the-shelf software package? We can design and develop bespoke software solutions that match your exact needs based on your business processes. Whatever stage you are at in your project, we can bring your ideas to life. Our attention to detail means that every stage of your software development project is completed on time and within budget