What we provide to you as standard

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    Application Development

    We design and develop business and consumer applications upon solid foundations and strong development principles. We offer expert knowledge and experience in all aspects of application development whether a Mobile App or critical business application, we have the experience & skills in-house.

    We have developed business applications and product for sports & hospitality ticketing, eCommerce applications and smart solutions for many global clients.


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    Product Development

    We are a software and solutions company, we have learned experiences from our clients over many years, the vertical markets they are within, their customer needs, creating a digital platform and product suite to meet your requirements.

    Our products are cloud based and can be purchased on an ASP or SaaS basis. Many of our clients are now benefitting from the years of development and best practice that makes up our extensive product range. No more bespoke solutions, our products are open and engage with other applications via our Connect API, we have the platform and modules, to allow you to be creative without re-inventing the wheel.

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    User Interface & Experience

    At Connect IB, we are experts in User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design, ensuring a user journey within our product and business applications is both elegant and intuitive.

    Our in-house experts are a multi-skilled Creative team, from Brand development through to Application design and data flow, we are creative with technology. 

    As part of our Creative team, we understand Brand too. Before we do anything we get to know what you're trying to achieve, your organisation and the way you do business. We also research and prototype our designs to get the most out of your users experience. Once we know this we can begin to create beautiful engaging experiences for you and your customers.

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    Interactive Tech

    We understand that interactive applications should be fast, engaging and intuitive to use. Our many years of work in this specialist field means that we understand the subtle differences involved in designing for different devices, locations, applications, users, screen specifications and the impact that can have on the user experience for your audience.

    We have many global deployments of our Interactive mobile & touch applications, with inherent security and resilience built into our application, we can help you improve your audience engagement whether employees, customers or passengers.

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    Motion Graphics

    We have expertise in creative CGI, architecture, brands and visual effects whether 3D, animation or video.

    Working with the creative, production and development teams we are able to create unique experiences for your chosen audience from 3D wayfinding for your shopping centre, Smart building, airport and stadium through to a Corporate Video or animation within your business applications. 

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    The relationship with our clients does not end when we have successfully delivered a project. We truly value the long-term relationship we have with our clients and they value the range of products and services we provide them. Our client support desk monitors all the services our clients use and are on hand to help with any issues that may arise.

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    Your customers, passengers or employees needs are constantly changing & evolving, your engagement strategy needs to reflect this. Whether via a business application, Online, Social networks and Mobile, it's important to achieve the right mix. We can work with you to attract, engage and retain your audiences with great technology, ideas, products and campaigns - get in touch